We Are United in Our Dedication to Educate Our Children

Who We Are

My name is Delesia Silva, Navy Veteran, wife of a Navy Veteran, Luis Silva and mother of our 6 1/2 year old son, Elijah Silva. Our journey started after 12 years of trying to conceive with one Fallopian tube pregnancy and one failed IVF. Three months after the Failed IVF, Luis and I conceived naturally. When Elijah was born we knew that we wanted to teach him the magic of compassion and giving. When Elijah turned two we connected with Kathleen’s Corner and Thankful Thinking, charity organizations that give back to the community and provide assistance in Namibia, Africa. We distributed food and toiletries to the San Diego homeless population. We then provided food to the homeless population in riverside county. After this we as a family understood the need to further teach our son compassion, love, hope, and understanding. We began to collect recycle to buy materials to craft. We decided to craft a Lorax inspired Truffula Tree! The Movie the Lorax teaches us compassion and hope! The movie also reinforced the lesson that one person can make a difference.  We decided upon the idea to start our own nonprofit organization to do arts and crafts with children in under-served populations to cultivate compassion within individuals. In order to raise the funds needed to start the nonprofit organization we began to sale the truffula trees at local events. We were apart of the Kidprenur Expo in San Diego, the Hip Hop 5K, as well as the San Diego Head Start Fall 5K for three years. We’ve also connected with the Polinsky Children’s Center that put us in touch with a local church in which we serviced 100 homless children during the holiday.   Recently, we have started come to you paint Ceramics for a Cause to help raise the funds needed to continue our services. Please consider purchasing a Lorax inspired Truffula to help the cause. Donations are accepted and appreciated. Sincerely, Delesia Silva of Elijah Cares